Fish Factory Tour

The Factory Restaurant Tour

Iceland is renowned for many things. From its wonderful geothermic spas to its unforgettable views of the northern lights. But Iceland has a secret that makes it a surprising culinary force that can hold its own against the cultural food powerhouses around the globe. That secret? Fresh fish.

The Fish Factory has a title that is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a factory in Iceland that processes fish to prepare it for restaurants, particularly the one housed on the second floor of the factory. But seeing the restaurant for yourself, you’d never guess that there was anything remotely industrial about it. The restaurant is elegant and well-decorated. Its large tables are welcoming to groups, which is perfect seeing as The Fish Factory tours and restaurant are focused on groups!.

Fish Factory  Tour

Yes, I said tours. Now, if a fish factory tour has never piqued your interest before, it’d be understandable. It’s a bit of a niche interest. But when in Rome, you do as the Romans do, right? Well, if you’re in Iceland, taking a tour of a fish factory would be coming face to face with Icelandic culinary culture. And that culture is worth exploring, especially seeing as a recent documentary called “The World’s Best Diet” has listed the Icelandic diet as the healthiest diet in the world. One of the major contributing factors to that is what? You guessed it! Fresh fish.

The Fish Factory is as fresh as fresh gets when it comes to fish. They use only fish caught the previous night in their preparations. When the fish is done being processed, they send some of it upstairs to be prepared by the restaurant’s skilled chefs to turn into an array of delicious meals. You can read about their offerings by visiting their menu on their website. The rest of the fresh fished is sent to consumer packaging so it can be sold to other restaurants and markets.

See, Feal, Touch and Taste

Most visitors at The Fish Factory aren’t just there for the tasty food served on the second floor, though. They’re there for the experience and education that the tour provides. The Fish Factory provides tours for groups. When guests arrive, they’re given protective clothing to put on. Once they’re all prepared and protected, guests are taken on a guided tour where they see first-hand where their food comes from. They learn about the process of preparing the fish, see the high-tech machines in action, as well as learn about where the fish comes from.

The tour is known to work up an appetite. That is great news for the lucky visitors because the tour ends in the restaurant. And you may not be in Rome, but you can still do like Romans do and eat! The meal tastes a lot better when you know where it came from, and you’re assured that it’s fresh!.